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As from the 01.07.2013 we will offer our guests a new service:

The motor ship "Anna-Sophie" will operate as from 01.07.2013 from Lajes do Pico on the Acores.

We will offer our guests individual trips, if for a few hours -or for a few days.

All trips will be planned together with you, if it is just s short sunset-trip or a trip for a few das to visit the other islands.

During a daytrip you will have the chance to see the island from a different view, have a stop to swim (warm shower available on board), and watch the schools of dolphins. Gladly we will serve you little snacks or even a full menu, which you can enjoy either in the saloon or on the aft-deck. For the daytrips we usually accept a maximum of 8 guests.

A comfortable alternative to see various islands is a longer trip with "Anna-Sophie". Instead of wasting a lot of time by packing luggage, driving to the airport, waiting for the flight, renting the next car, finding the next accommodation .... you can enjoy every day of your holiday and you are flexible with your planning, because your accommodation MS "Anna-Sophie" will bring you to any destination, whenever you want. The tour we will plan together with you, you tell us, when -and for how long- you want to stay at the destination of your choice, we will be your chauffeur, cook and tour-guide. You will even have the chance to spend a nice evening in a local restaurant or bar, and when you go to sleep, we will bring you to your next destination. Your next breakfast will be in a new harbour. You will enjoy a hassle-free holiday and visit the islands of your choice.

For we are living since 1998 on Pico island we have a lot of contacts. It will be no problem giving you some tips for your daytrips, we can arrange a rent-a-car, which might be even brought to the pier for your pleasure. The longer trips are usually restricted to a maximum of 2-3 guests.


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