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A three hour tour to see whales and dolphins can start in Madalena or Lajes do Pico. The fast rubber boats have a capacity of 12 guests.
The guests will be accompanied by a qualified guide, who will explain what you will see and will be glad to answer your questions.
Before leaving you will receive some instructions from the crew. Life vests are obligatory and available.
There are up to 11 manned "lookouts" on the islands of Faial and Pico who report  the sightings of whales and dolphins, thus ensuring that the excursion is the best available.
This unforgettable trip is controlled by the animals themselves,  whereby they themselves decide, if they they want to be viewed close up or from a distance.
Sometimes one will only see a blow or a tail, or perhaps they will look at us from the water.
Dolphins are often very playful and it is a special event, sometimes hundreds of them guide the boat for more than an hour.
Since 1997 app. 98% of the tours from Madalena spotted whales and / or dolphins.

Surely, there is no guarantee to see a special species, the sea is not an aquarium !