We and Pico

welcome to Pico Island

    Your hosts, Leslie and Oliver Dittmers, made this idyllic island their home in 1998. The estate comprises some 16.000 sqm and is currently planted to fruit and vegetables. Between us we speak English, German and Portuguese and it would be our pleasure to share this unique and wonderful island with you. We have four separate units for your relaxation, enjoyment and comfort.
  Surface: 442 qkm
  Area above 300 m: 59%
  Population: app. 15 000
  Inhabitants per skm: 34
  Highest point: Pico, 2351 m
  Main Villages: Lajes, Madalena and Sao Roque
  Airport: Cachorro, 7 km east of Madalena
  Passenger ferry: Madalena to Horta,
  Cais do Pico in Sao Roque to Sao Jorge and in summer to
  Terceire and Graciosa
  Distances: 260 km to Sao Miguel, 270 km to Flores
  Position: 28° 20` western longitude 38° 30` northern longitude


Landscape and activities

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