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And now the high-lights for all the snorkeler's and divers:



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The following video material is mainly presented by Mr. Robert Lehmann, Biologist and diver at Pico Sport (


snorkeling at the coast:



You only need to swim at one of our natural pools or at one of the small harbours (ramps), go "around the corner" and you will find many - and even big - fish in our clear waters. And plenty of colourful small fish.

The rocks with their caves and hiding opportunities are ideal for young and adult fish like moraine, parrot fish, grouper, octopus etc.

For our position in the golf stream on the one hand there is plenty of food for the animals, on the other hand commercial fishing is very restricted to protect this habitat.

For longer times in the waters it is still advisable to use a thin wet-suit.

We only have very moderate currents, but always be aware of sudden swell coming in. Than you will enjoy your day at the most.



coastal diving:



Even for the not so advanced diver we have many beautiful diving spots at the coast. May it be small caves or just interesting rock formation. We are sure, you will see a lot.

With visibilities of app. 50 m in our clear waters you will see every few minutes something new.

With a lot luck you might even see a hammer-head shark!.

The best time for costal diving is June till September, water temperature is than between 20°C and 24°C and we have many days with calm sea..






A special tour for the more advanced diver is the day-trip ti the "Princess-Alice-Bank", situated app. 140 nautical miles west south west of Pico island.

The "Princess-AliceBank" is a mountain, rising from the sea floor at more than 1.000 m depth to just 17 m below water level. The visibility is around 50-70m!

You will find plenty of Mantas (Mobulas), big turtles and maybe even sharks.



shark diving:



An absolute highlight is the diving with the sharks. You need to be a very experienced diver (minimum 50 registered dives) and you heed to know your equipment "even when sleeping".

If you than even convince the instructor of your abilities, they might take you out to dive with blue-shark or Mako-shark. A very especial experience.

I spoke to divers, which were all over the world, but diving with sharks at the acores, in our crystal clear waters is the top!

There seems to be nothing better!



wreck diving:



Quite new is diving to wrecks. By the time being, more and more wrecks are discovered.


Unfortunately some of the wrecks are quite deep, so even "technical" diving could be the topic. But with the experienced guide, even that will be no problem and you will enjoy a nice trip.