Some service we can offer you



        rent-a car or bike

public transport is rare, so it is advisable to rent a car or bike. We can assist you in finding the right choice for you.


If you wish, we will wash your laundry. Please hand everything in till 12:00h and we will return it next morning, washed and dried. If you wish, we can also iron everything.

             Tour guide

A professional Tour guide for a day tour to find all the hiding spots on Pico can be arranged.

   Yacht charter, fishing boat
               or diving

Please contact us, we will see, what can be arranged.

          Coastal fishing

We can arrange fishing gear and bait and we will show you the best spots, so you might be successful.

      Trout fishing at the

We can arrange a trip to the lakes at the mountain and show you, where to fish trout.

          Shuttle - Service

We can arrange Transport to and from the airport / port in Madalena.


A variation of english literature and information material is available.
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